Home Updates and Repairs

Are you getting ready to sell your home? When it comes time to sell, you need to take an objective look at your home and determine what updates and repairs are needed. The majority of buyers are willing to pay more for a house that has been well looked after, so show the buyers that your home is in it's best condition.

The video below will help you to determine what updates and repairs are needed to get your house in prime condition to sell. 

The First Step

- Create a list

-Decide what you can do to improve the overall presentation

-Determine your timeline and budget

Things To Think About

-What updates need to be done?

-Do you need to do any repairs?

-What is your budget?

-What condition are your permanent light fixtures? Are they broken or outdated?

-What condition are your windows, door trim, and baseboards?

-Are there any cracks or holes in your walls?

Remember, if you are not able to do everything, kitchens and bathrooms will typically bring the biggest return on your investment.