Hot Summer Sundays Car Show in Danville

If you love cars, enjoy the sunshine, and rubbing shoulders with town folk, you will enjoy the Hot Summer Sundays Car Show. This year, the schedule has changed. In prior years, the events took place on two Thursdays in the summer. The Car Show in 2018 is scheduled on Sundays. The first show was this last weekend, July 22nd from 10am-4pm. It was a lot of fun. Exotics, muscle cars, antiques, military, and a huge selection of Chevrolets could be seen. I think my favorites were the '55-58 Chevrolets, but with so many beautiful cars it is hard to select just a few. If you have an opportunity to attend the next event, it will be held on Sunday, August 19, from 10am-4pm. Bring a friend, and your sunscreen, as it most likely will be a warm summer day. The event is free.