Hi Everyone,

With the recent earthquakes happening around the world, we must all be prepared for anything and everything. I have put together an emergency supplies checklist that I thought might be helpful to you and your families. In addition, many places like Lowes, Big Five, and Costco will sell you pre-packaged emergency backpacks. The safety of our families can never be taken lightly.


 Please print out and implement your own version of this checklist.

Checklist, Clipboard, Questionnaire, Pen, Computer



Emergency Supplies Checklist


Please keep this checklist handy and compare

against what you currently have in your home.



       Water – 1 gallon per person, per day (a week’s supply is preferable)

       Water purification kit

       First aid kit, freshly stocked

       First aid book


       Can opener (non-electric)

       Blankets or sleeping bags

       Self-Inflating Inflatable Mattress(es)

       Portable radio, flashlight, batteries

       Essential medications

       Extra pair of eyeglasses

       Extra pair of house and car keys

       Fire extinguisher – A-B-C type

       Food, water and restraint leash or carrier) for pets

       Cash and change

       Baby supplies: Formula, bottle, pacifier, soap and baby powder, clothing, blankets, baby wipes, disposable diapers,  canned food


Sanitation Supplies

       Large plastic trash bags for waste; tarps and rain ponchos

       Large trash cans

       Soap and liquid detergent


       Tooth paste and toothbrushes

       Feminine hygiene supplies

       Toilet paper

       Household bleach


Safety and Comfort

       Sturdy shoes

       Heavy gloves for cleaning debris

       Candles and matches

       Change of clothing

       Knife or razor blades

       Hose for siphoning, firefighting


       Paper, pens, stamps

       Pots and pans

       Plastic utensils

       Paper plates and cups

       Paper towels

       Heavy duty aluminum foil

       Camping stove and fuel


Tools and Supplies

       Axe, shovel broom

       Adjustable wrench for turning off gas

       Screwdriver, pliers and hammer

       Coil of ½” rope

       Plastic tape, staple gun and sheeting for window replacement


       Bay Area map